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Petik was one of our newest members when v.15 server opened for the public. As a builder he is very creative and makes awesome detailed interior in which he is more then happy to work on. He brings new life and indentity to his build on Zearth and we are very happy to have him as member and today we would like to share our interview with him!

1) Where are you from and how old are you?
I’m from Czech Republic and I’m currently 17 years old.

2) How did you first discover Minecraft, and what drew you to it?
I first learned about Minecraft from my older brother. I was very young, not sure what year exactly it was. I think it was around the time version 1.7 was getting released. He showed me these huge cities/kingdoms he had built. I loved the freedom and the endless amount of possibilities. I was immediately amazed and wanted to do the same. The things I made back then of course weren’t anything special, one of my first memories playing Minecraft is building a castle out of melons, but I kept playing and here I am now.

3) How did you become a builder for Project Zearth, and what motivated you to join?
I was looking for prison build maps online to use as an inspiration for a little project of mine and couldn’t find any I would like. Eventually I started looking for large city maps hoping they would have a prison. I ran into Project Zearth ( which did have a prison : D ) and started exploring the huge cities. I loved the attention to detail, how much it resembled an actual city full of life and the little easter eggs hidden across the map by the builders. After a few months I found out, that this was actually something, that is being worked on right now. When they opened applications, I tried sending one and got accepted! The things that probably motivated me to join the most were the community of nice people who love doing the same thing and that I wanna leave some bit of myself on the map. When it is all finished, I can proudly say that I was a tiny part of it.

4) Can you share a memorable or challenging experience you’ve had while working on Project Zearth?
The most memorable is definitely be the beginning. Everyone was being so nice and made sure to help me become a proper member of the team. I haven’t been on the team that long, but the most challenging one so far was building a city in the Neon region called Kecin. Unlike all the other things I had built before on Zearth, how the whole city would look was left completely up to me and a few other members. With our different building styles, we had to collaborate and create something unique. In the end, I think we did a great job.

5) What architectural styles, themes, or projects do you find most inspiring and enjoy working on?
My favourite style would definitely be medieval, which sadly isn’t something you see often on Zearth. I also enjoy working on natural stuff, like gardens, parks and such. Another thing I love making is interior, especially on Zearth. I always make sure to add lots of details, stuff to chests, books with stories in them, to make it feel like there are actual people living in these places. Although these are my favourite, I’m fine with building pretty much anything!

6) How do you collaborate and connect with other builders within the Project Zearth community? Could you share a successful collaboration story?
Since I mostly work on interior and decorating in general, most of my tasks are just “completing” builds made by some other members. Other than that, we connect by chatting, sharing our ideas and opinions, the usual stuff. One successful collaboration story is about the city Kecin, which I have mentioned before. Me, Peiceawrk, Aerobar and DefinitelyHuman, we all helped the city grow, each with our own unique building styles and ideas.

7) What’s your favorite thing to do in Minecraft outside of building?
Outside of building, I just love to play survival, especially in these newer versions where there is so much to do. I play both singleplayer on my own world or multiplayer on this one server with my friends.

8) What is your favorite accomplishment or proudest moment during your time on Project Zearth?
Although it should probably be completing the city Kecin, because it took so much work and so long to finish, it’s actually this random stable/farmhouse build I’ve made in San Palo. For some reason I just really really love the way it looks and the little details it has. I hope I get to make some similar things in the future.

9) How has your experience on Project Zearth influenced your real-world creativity, if at all?
Not sure about real-world, I think I can say I was already pretty creative long before I joined Zearth. My building skills definitely have and still keep on improving though.

10) Looking ahead, are there any new Minecraft features, updates, or directions you’re excited to explore?
I’m always excited to play the new versions, as lately they have definitely been making the survival side of Minecraft much more fun. Having gotten used to all these new features Minecraft has today, I get bored after just a few minutes playing the older versions. I have been a fan of Microsoft’s ideas regarding the community though, such as the Mob vote and the regulations for skins and nicknames. I always loved the freedom Minecraft had and I feel like Microsoft is slowly taking that away with these decisions.

11) Outside of Minecraft, what are your hobbies and interests? Do they influence your building style in any way?
Outside of Minecraft, I play a lot of other games, mostly survival ones like Sons Of The Forest and Unturned. Outside of gaming, I love animals and travelling, which sometimes gives me ideas of things to build.

Thank you Petik!

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