All credit is reserved to everyone who has contributed both on and off the project. Each project member has approved the server rules and acknowledged their creative common rights upon contribution. I am terribly sorry if I left anyone out by mistake.

v.14 credit

Thirty members contributed to the v.14 update! This include people from the St. Azura team alongside the v.13.1 team that continued to work on v.14. The main role of everyone does not reflect everything that they contributed, but it gives an overview of what they did for the most part. Everyone was able to try many different things for the most part. To become a member, you would need to finish a server application or get approached by Xoyjaz. The people on this list have contributed a lot of time and effort to this project, in order to fully deserve the members credit.

Period Username Location IGN ROLE
2015-2016 Ben Dukes USA bloodyrampage99 Builder and decorator
2015-2016 Zuki_DK Denmark Zuki_DK Builder and decorator
2015-2019 Zippie Germany KoganeNoKenshi Builder, decorator and server /website developer
2015-2016 Tenna USA Tenna922 Builder, decorator and organizer
2016-2019 Conrad Buttner Germany BerenSaelor Resourcepack developer
2016-2019 RekNepZ USA RekNepZ Admin, builder and decorator
2016-2017 Anty_MC Germany Anty_MC Builder and decorator
2016-2017 Eren Turkey ErenTD Builder and decorator
2017-2019- FGGL Italy FGGL_ Builder and decorator
2017-2017 UltraFire3 USA Ultrafire3 Builder and decorator
2017-18-19 Smileyfaceguy UK Smileyfaceguy Builder and decorator
2017-2019 Picorims France Thejedi7 Builder, detailer and decorator
2017-2019 Erwa Netherlands Erwa94 Builder and decorator
2017-2019 Mrspy USA Mrspy321 Builder, decorator, detailer and lore developer
2017-2019 Color Slovakia Mrcolormaster Builder and decorator
2017-2018 Ocean France Oceanbluegames Builder and decorator
2017-2019 Krelixon Poland Gazur1223 Builder and decorator
2017-2019 Cyberleaf Netherlands Virgil_fab Redstone maker and decorator
2017-2019 Yami Germany KonjikiNoYami Builder and decorator
2017-2019 Iciclecube USA Iciclecube Builder and decorator
2017-2019 Charredcoal USA Charredcoal Builder and decorator
2017-2019 AntiClimax Netherlands TjeerdX Graphical designer
2018-2019 NcQs Poland NcQs Builder and decorator
2018-2019 AeonianLegend USA AeonianLegend Builder and decorator
2018-2019 Bubblegum_Wolf Canada Bubblegum_Wolf_ Builder and decorator
2018-2019 Arturke44 Germany Arturke44 Builder and decorator
2018-2019 Ducky Canada evsh777 Builder, detailer and decorator
2018-2019 AWEJOKER Finland Joulupukki102 Builder and decorator
2018-2019 Humanbeing USA ThiccestYeet Builder and decorator
2018-2019 ImpactYT USA ImpactYT Builder and decorator
2010-2019 Xoyjaz Norway Xoyjaz Creator

Previous credits (2012-2015)

I want to dedicate this section to all the creations that was part of the pre v.14 updates. Previous versions had poor credit layout, something I have been anticipating fixing with this v.14 release. I am terribly sorry for the complications or suffering my credit system has applied. I’ve had previous contact with representants from the credit source, where we discussed a solution for the issues. I have tried my best to remove as many of these builds used previously ever since but note that anything added to Project Zearth has been edited and not raw posted. I have always admired the work of these creatives and always included credit, but the system had major flaws and I understand the complications.

I want to point out that several credit sources were contacted and approved for credit usage. Any build not listed in these credits will have their credits posted on the building with a sign of the creator. I am sorry if I ever missed anyone, but you know who you are, and we do appreciate your content being distributed through Project Zearth. I want to send a huge thanks to my inspiration sources who have helped me in the past, those being; Vertoak city, Broville, New Crafton, Pwego server and Empirepolis.

I also want to thank people in real life who have influenced me. My brother Frenzylight has helped me throughout all the years with this project and I personally want to thank him with everything I have. I want to thank my friends and family that has been putting up with me through the years. I want to send a huge thanks to the Minecraft community, PMC friends and others who has been part of this journey. The key is to never give up, find sources to fuel your motivation and set a realistic goal that will benefit you until the end.

Thank you Broville for being the first major map that helped me form new ideas and giving inspiration to what is possible in this game. The creative efforts that Broville has produced are unimaginable. They touched on so many subjects by amazing execution. Broville v.11 has to be one of the best maps created in Minecraft ever, the sheer size and engineering behind it is a masterpiece. I always been a huge fan of the project and I am happy I discovered it back in 2011 for early enjoyment.

I want to take this moment to personally apologize to Broville staff and team members. I am sorry for letting you guys down with my selfish behavior during the v.11 progress, by posting bits of the unfinished version on my own map without permission. I want to send my most humble apology for the complications I may have made, and I have done my best to remove as many Broville structures I could. I am very happy and proud for the final version of Broville and I hope that in the future you guys might plan to do something new for the Minecraft community.
Download link

Thank you Greenfield for letting me use a few structures on the map. We really appreciate your efforts in the Minecraft community and are grateful for your credit approval. I think what you guys are doing is inspiring and very important for city builders, the dedication and innovation is truly amazing. Keep it up!
Download link

I am very appreciative and thankful for the inspiration and compassion you showed me rodgermourtagh2. You gave me a new perspective in design and helped me develop early as a builder. Thank you the usage of your builds and I wish you the best.
Download link

New Crafton
As a modern builder during the early days, I always felt like you were above everyone and had amazing designs Antonove. I am happy to be able using your designs in Glow city and Jijilocity. I am happy to continue your legacy and spread the word of your inspirational designs further.
Download link

With all respect MrDcrafter, your map is truly something more than most city maps out there. It was rich with detail and with fun designs. I had fun exploring it and it’s an honour sharing those builds through Project Zearth.
Download link

Youngshoe you surprised me with your side project, it’s truly something special and really fun. Parts of it is used in Premville, I want to thank you for the usage.
Download link

Other contributions

Special thanks to all the important contributions that took place for this update to be possible. You will always be part of the Project Zearth legacy and we can’t thank you enough.

Special thanks to the Creeperhost team for hosting the v.13.1 and v.14 server. The hosting site was more than powerful enough to run Project Zearth. It had an easy and fast setup with amazing support from the site. There were no issues we didn’t resolve, and everything was done with ease, amazing experience! I want to thank Creeperhost personally who believed in us and always anticipated the release of v.14.

Many thanks to Luke Hawkins for setting up the server alongside Foogimicester (2016) who helped with the configurations. Without these people, the server wouldn’t have come this far as it is today. Thank you.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined the project and dedicated their time to contribute something. We want to thank Ricey125/HauntedMansion (2018) for his work on the haunted mansion in Riverstone. We are also grateful for Dodejoga’s (2016) efforts for working on some redstone contraptions and Kyokujitsuki (2019) on additional building help and lovely decorations. Thanks to our close followers and supporters Russicat, Dmitron and Goldbricks who helped on several progress aspects of v.14. Had the chance to work with great people like my close Norwegian friend who helped me start St. Azura; Halfmanification, and everyone considered helping us such as Garrusvalkyrin and Diamondgirl, we much appreciated your time that spent with us. We appreciate the contribution of Hooptiecoupe with his early forum and detail contribution.

We want to give a huge shout out and thankful thoughts to Zionth(2016-2017), iSkyblue(2017), ArchangelNik(2017), Echo2242(2018), XxTechnoangelxX (2017) and Zoobros (2018) all in the builders/decorator category with their contributions to Project Zearth. Was a pleasure sharing time and building with you guys. Big thanks to Lekingmoonya who started out as our graphic designer for St. Azura. A great apricated thanks to our second graphic designer LorpieThePie for support and creating the famous Project Zearth logo!

Thanks to everyone who let us use their creations on the map. Alongside some amazing guest appearances from different people in the community, I also want to thank the patience of the fans and anticipators who have made the hype for this update real!