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Project Zearth dates back to early September 2010. Starting out as a survival map before transforming into a full time Minecraft project, with years of development and dedication.

Please play the required Minecraft version listed, force updates to newer version of Minecraft will break/create issues to some degree. These maps feature both a Mediafire & Adfly link. If none of the links work please use our alternative download links here which are 100% guaranteed to work click here.

Previous map updates

Year published (Minecraft version) Project Version (Release date)

2010(alpha v.1.2.2): Template landscape (First chunks rendered around September 2010)

2010(alpha v.1.2.2): The beginning

2010(Beta v.1.2): The beginning v.2

2010(Beta v.1.2): Zeon city v.1

2010(Beta v.1.2): Premium city demo

2011(Beta v.1.2): Premium city v.1

2011(Beta v.1.2): Premium city v.1.1

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Petreville origins

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Zeon city v.2 (Available for download 👇)

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Small expansion to the west

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Zeon city west downtown U.C

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Zeon city renovations

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Zeon city major constructions

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Zeon city v.3

2011(Beta v.1.7.3): Premium city v.2

2012(Beta v.1.7.3): Kloomon v.1 (Available for download 👇)

2012(Beta v.1.7.3): Kloomon v.2

2012(Beta v.1.7.3): Kloomon v.3

2012(Beta v.1.7.3): Z.K upgrade connection

2012(Beta v.1.7.3): Landscape expansion

2012(Beta v.1.7.3): Landscape expansion v.1

2012(v.1.3.2): Premium new gen

2012(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.1

2012(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.2

2012(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.3

2013(v.1.3.2): Project Zearth v.9 (7/4-2013) (Available for download 👇)

2013(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.4

2013(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.5

2013(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.6

2013(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.7

2013(v.1.3.2): 1.3.2 v.8

2013(v.1.3.2): Jijilocity v.3

2013(v.1.3.2): Project Zearth v.10 (2/5-2013) (Available for download 👇)

2014(v.1.3.2): Project Zearth v.11 (6/4-2014) (Available for download 👇)

2014(v.1.3.2): Project Zearth v.11.1 (10/5-2014) (Available for download 👇)

2015(v.1.7.10): Project Zearth v.12(29/5-2015) (Available for download 👇)

2015(v.1.7.10): Project Zearth v.13 Demo (4/8-2015) (Available for download)

2015(v.1.7.10): Project Zearth v.13 (08.09.2015) (Available for download 👇)

2016(v.1.9.2): Project Zearth v.14 Demo (25.02.2016) (Available for download)

2016(v.1.9.2): Project Zearth v.13.1 (07.05.2016) (Available for download 👇)

2017(v.1.12.2): Project Zearth v.14 Petreville Demo (18.11.2017) (Available for download)

2019(v.1.14.4): Project Zearth v.14 Halloween Demo (31.10.2019) (Avaible for download)

2019(1.14.4): Project Zearth v.14 (15.11.2019) (Available for download 👇)

2020(1.16.1): Project Zearth v.14.1 (24.06.2020) (CURRENT VERSION)

Project Zearth v.14.1

v.14.1 Minecraft version: 1.16.1
v.14.1 Published: 24/06/2020

v.14 Minecraft version: 1.14.4
v.14 Published: 15/11/2019

Project Zearth v.13.1

Cepton has been recognized as a leading superpower, while Neon are still on the rise to restore its glory. Past events between the regions had kept the tension in a cold period. Both parties investing in new military programs. Project Zearth v.13.1 take on the classic v.13 experience and expand with new content, details and upgrades. Project Zearth v.13.1 is the first team version as v.13 was the last update by Xoyjaz.

v.13.1 Minecraft version: 1.9.2
v.13.1 Published: 07/05/2016

v.13 Minecraft version: 1.7.10
v.13 Published:

Project Zearth v.12

The 2015 installment of Project Zearth brings the first modern update into action, creating the main shape of the map. The big cities received large upgrades, more towns and temples were added, creating a total reinvention of Project Zearth. 

Minecraft version: 1.7.10
Published: 29/05/2015

Project Zearth v.11.1

The map is at its largest surface area ever, new expansions and discoveries have been made. Neon are experiencing their toughest financial year recorded as Cepton are rising to power. Both regions racing for their independent power position.

v.11.1 Minecraft version: 1.3.2
v.11.1 Published: 10/05/2014

v.11 Minecraft version: 1.3.2
v.11 Published:

Project Zearth v.10

It’s the year of Ceptonian independence, witness the growth of the region like never before. Neon are undergoing dramatic changes; the borders are tightening up and the war on financial power is at full strain.

Minecraft version: 1.3.2
Published: 02/05/2013

Project Zearth v.9

Minecraft version: 1.3.2
Published: 07/04/2013

Project Zearth Kloomon City v.1

Minecraft version: Beta 1.7.3
Created: 2012
Kloomon City v.1: DOWNLOAD LINK

Project Zearth Zeon City v.2

Minecraft version: Beta 1.7.3
Created: 2011
Zeon City v.2: DOWNLOAD LINK