v.15 progress
The Project Zearth Team is working on v.15, which introduces the new regions of modern Prixton and desert Santoria, with many new cities and areas to explore. Our goal is to create a healthy community and give members more experience as builders.
Gamemode: 1.18.2
Project updates log
The Project Zearth team beyond all expectations have gone through and planned a future release v.15. Xoyjaz wants to wish the team all the best luck they can get!

04/07/2023 – v.15 update log:

  • Santoria region is being heavily developed with new cities, towns infrastructures and more amazing things!
  • Prixton city has been put on hold but plans to further develop the project has not stopped
  • New demo has been released
  • New social media account and activity has emerged
  • Reorganization of the team has been done
  • New leader has been appointed
  • More collaborative effort has been made with partner maps and others
  • 10+ new members have been joined
  • New public server has been launched
  • New updates have been made in Neon such as new Zeon subway, Plaza mall update, more Zeon infrastructure updates, Neon – Cepton line has been updated, all airport runways have been updated and much more!
  • Herobrine has been added to the game

02/04/2023 – v.15 server is launched

v.15 server is finally launched! This is a huge step, we are hosting it ourselves and are very happy to have you onboard. Finally got it going after 4 years of work.

v.14 -> v.14.1 update log:


We hope you enjoyed our v.14 update after 4 years of persistent work. We bring to you the fixed v.14.1 version adding to your Project Zearth experience collection. Please report any issues you face, if something does not work as it should contact us here.

Once again I wish all of you the best experience, everything you need is in the map download folder. Thank you to everyone who helped this become a reality!

  • Updated to 1.16.1
  • Closed some doors
  • Fixed spawn TP from underground to overground
  • Fixed automatic door in spawn (City teleport room)
  • Fixed lights in City teleport room that was forgotten
  • Added some extra detail
  • Fixed Solitaria fireplace
  • Fixed removed fish in West-Zeon underground pool
  • Added new foreign map refrences
  • Added instruction signs at St. Xoyjaz Basillica in Premium city


The day is finally here! After 4 years with persistent work we finally managed to bring you this historical update.

Once again I wish all of you the best experience, everything you need is in the map download folder. If you stumble upon any problems or bugs just let me know. Thank you to everyone who helped this become a reality!

  • All cities have been renovated
  • All towns have been renovated
  • New biome changes and nature update
  • A whole ocean has been added to the project
  • More technical features have been added
  • More temples and easter eggs have been poured into the liquor!
  • More interior has been added
  • Everything in update log 26-32 still stands
  • Universe of Project Zearth book added
  • New story mode has been added
  • Homepage added
  • Store added
  • And much more….


This will be the last update log before v.14 release. Preparing 1.14.4 update, fixing command blocks and other inconviences from 1.11.2 –> 1.14.4

  • All cities are finished post 1.14.4 update
  • Introducing the Lore Book
  • Custom items added
  • UR missions added
  • More military bases added
  • More towns added
  • Petreville and St.Azura updated
  • More Nature fixes
  • More mansions added
  • Dureqville, Cepton finished
  • Political lore expanded
  • World economy lore expanded
  • All airports finished
  • All stadiums finished
  • All industry builds finished
  • All subway systems finished
  • All universities finished
  • Mt. Klogax terraformed into Volcano
  • More islands detailed
  • Expanded Klampton harbor
  • Corsairs point island added
  • More depth into the cities, situation actions added
  • More underground facilities/spots added in the cities
  • New! Prixton story mode
  • New sewer system added in Neon region
  • More easter eggs! Like a ton
  • and much more….


  • Vinerose added
  • District expantion in Riverstone
  • Premium subway complete
  • Added more to North Jijilocity
  • Zoo & Theme park added to Jijilocity
  • Solitaria island finished
  • Zeon downtown renovated
  • UR building finished
  • West Zeon renovated
  • Added more towns
  • Renovated Neon-Cepton border
  • Cepton military bases added
  • Finished Neon military bases
  • G7 added
  • Kloomon & Premium university district finished
  • and much more….


  • Zeon city west monreal district Finished
  • Zeon city Rosewood district Finished
  • Kloomon suburbs have been finished (No garden detail yet)
  • North Neon region has got new building expantion
  • Lombys Naval base added
  • Glow city harbor under construction
  • More interior has been completed
  • Zeon city West uptown finished
  • New jijilocity marina finished
  • Oracle Town finished
  • T-Tower district updated with new Zeon city hall
  • Zeon snow land building expansion has started
  • Added a lot of street art in Zeon
  • Jijilocity Powerplant added
  • and much much more


  • Premium city has now been total checked for new work, bugs and renovation
  • New industry line has been confirmed
  • South peek and east Oracle expansion as new district rises
  • More stuff added to Petreville island
  • More work has been done outside of east Kloomon city connecting to Glow city
  • More renovations has been made
  • Interior work has been done for some parts
  • New squares and park added to Premium city


It has been almost 1 year since the release of v.13.1 and since then the team has been working day and night to complete a long awaited v.14. Some few important notices for this project right now is that the team is doing better then ever, we have our own forum page now which is listed in the map description and it is estimated to be complete inn about the autumn of 2018 or somewhere in 2019.
Biggest updates so far:
* Renovated(ing) every city on the map and checking everything over and under
* Added more temples and secrets
* Map has been massively terrorformed.

There are many more updates to come for the map, huge ones and it is set to be the most detailed update every for Project Zearth. So stay tuned and thank you for all the support!