Terms and Conditions

Member Guidelines (Rules)

These guidelines may change at any moment. Be sure to check them every time they are changed. They can (and should) be discussed to fit all members. A member often breaking these rules and giving painful times to the team will be warned or banned depending of the seriousness of it’s acts.

Server Rules
  • Do NOT perform big edits WITHOUT consulting the team, too big calculations may crash the server and, in the worse case, cause corruption! If you’re unsure how to use a plugin, ask for help, especially before using World Edit or Voxel Sniper.
  • Do not self assign tasks. However, feel free to ask a project manager and share your ideas instead. They can most likely do something about it!
  • Do not load new chunks, use dynmap to track yourself (link in the server section).
    If you accidentally do, please let us know! A cleanup will be done before releasing the map.
  • Do NOT open trapped chests as they might trigger TNT explosion e.g (you can use spectator mode to check what surrounds the chest).
  • Do not make short cuts or unapproved renovations by destroying any blocks in old builds, they have an old block ID that keep their historical dates intact and it is something we wish to preserve as much as possible.
  • Do not modify others’ work without their explicit permission.
  • Do not share spoilers without consulting the team.
  • Stick to the tasks you are qualified for. Example: If you only create redstone devices and furnish buildings, you cannot terraform without permission.
    – If you’d like to expand your skills, let us know, we can always discuss about it.
  • Close all doors you open, unless they’re intentionally left open. We have to close all of them in the end and the less the better.
  • Your creations on the server cannot be distributed on other sites without credit to Project Zearth (excluding redstone creations), but you can share pictures on social media.
  • Creating Nether or End portals is not allowed. (Their content is not saved, updated, or converted).
  • Respect plot size and boundaries, which are in place for organization and to define road/build boundaries. 1-2 block details may be allowed if they don’t touch opposite builds and the road is wide enough.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other types of hate directed to a group of people in that way is not permitted.
  • Harming / griefing on the server is not permitted in any way. Strong language is permitted (do not abuse about it though).

General Member Rules
  • Discord rules apply under #rules channel on the Discord server.
  • You must remain in the official Discord server to remain a part of this project. Some exceptions can be made.
  • English is the primary language we communicate with. Its not required but its preferred.
  • Treat other members with respect. You are part of a friendly community that wants to have fun and complete the project. Thus, we want to have the best possible atmosphere to feel comfortable around each other and feel at home in the community.
  • If you need a break due to anything in life, please inform one of the project managers. If you decide to leave the project, let one of us know so we can make sure anything on the project is taken care of.

Project Zearth Usage Conditions

Map & Resourcepack Usage General Conditions

Please note that significant time has been invested in creating this world. We respectfully request that you refrain from using any part of it and presenting it as your own. As per the copyright notice on this site, all creations are protected by their respective creators, and “Project Zearth” is the copyright of the Project Zearth team. Unauthorized usage of our work may result in the removal of the project or other severe consequences.

Mixcraft HD is a 2013 resource pack by koolwitak. Project Zearth has updated and maintained it from 2016-2020, currently updated by BerenSaelor. The resourcepack is not available for modification or distribution, but anyone can use it. All rights reserved.

Map & Resourcepack Usage on a Server

If you are using Project Zearth or Mixcraft HD on a public or private server, you must provide credit to Project Zearth through a visible/readble sign or link to this website. If you are using parts of Project Zearth for a project, and intend to distribute that project (with specific builds or sections of Project Zearth), you MUST contact us here and receive a reply granting permission of use. You may reapply for permission upon denial.

Map & Resourcepack Usage in Videos, Blogs, or Social Media

If you are using the Project Zearth or Mixcraft HD in a video, blog, or any other form of social media, you must provide a link in the description of the post itself linking to this website.