Interviewing Project Zearth member Lil Bee!

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Lil_ Bee has been part of the v.15 team a while. He has contributed a lot and we wanted to appreciate him sharing this interview. Thank you for your hard work, we cant thank you enough.

1) Where are you from and how old are you?
23 years old. California, USA

2) How did you become a Project Zearth builder
At the time I applied to Project Zearth, I was working on my own singleplayer city map. While I was proud of the progress I had made myself, I felt pretty lonely and was getting too comfortable with way of building. I had always been a fan of maps like Project Zearth and Broville so it made so much sense to me to apply and be part of the community.

3) What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?
My favorite thing to do in Minecraft has to be playing/interacting with others. Minecraft has arguably one the most creative and inspired communities out there. You have talented builders who recreate wonders of the world, programmers making mods that can make the game unrecognizable and infinitely replayable, artists creating new stylish texture packs, musicians continuing the musical legacy of Minecraft’s melancholy lullabies, and content creators showing others all the interesting and unique ways to play and enjoy the game. Like many, I found Minecraft to be my social space during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It allowed me to stay in touch with friends and make new ones as we built, survived and played together.

4) How was your experience here on Project Zearth
My experience with Project Zearth has been very positive. I’ve made a handful of friends on the server that really helped me grow as a builder. Super friendly and inviting, members of Project Zearth brought me in with open arms and allowed me to work on projects that built upon my strengths. Everyone on PZ shares a deep passion for the game and it was amazing for me to be with players that have been mining and crafting for as long as I have. I feel like i’ve made some of my best work on Project Zearth and it feels great to contribute to such a historic map.

5) What are your plans for future minecrafting?
If I stop playing Minecraft in the future, its because of one of two reasons: 1) I’m dead and buried or 2) computers cease to exist. As I’m getting older, I admit I play the game less than I used to but I intend to keep the creative spirit of Minecraft alive for more and more new players.

6) When did you start playing minecraft
I started playing Minecraft shortly after the Nether update… the first one… when the dimension was actually added. Modern Minecraft is an entirely different game than it was (not greater or worse) but it has always kept a certain charm to it. It’s comfy, timeless and its been amazing to grow up alongside it.

7) Whats your favorite thing done on the Project?
My favorite thing I’ve done on the server has to be my terraforming and environmental work in the continent of Santoria. Terraforming is not something I typically do but I found a lot of enjoyment and success tellings stories with terrain and building up a sea of dunes, buttes and bone dry canyons.

Thank you Lil Bee!

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