Interviewing Project Zearth member Sir Palo!

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Sir Palo has been part of the v.15 team a while. He has created his own town in Santoria called St. Palo which will be fun to explore in v.15 for all players! Thank you for your hard work and for being part of this adventure with us.

1) Where are you from and how old are you?
I’m from Santiago, the capital city of Chile. I’m 22 years old, born on May 13 of the 2000.  So yeah, here with representing LATAM with currently one other member!

2) How did you become a Project Zearth builder
So I always loved the Minecraft maps based on cities, like Broville and greenfield, so when I discovered Project Zearth I fell in love. I explored the map for many days and hours, so I was really hyped for a new version, so I started to look if there were plans for a new version of the map, and I saw that version 15 was planned so I applied to the project to be part of this community. 

3) What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?
My favorite thing to do in Minecraft has to be building in creative with the different construction mods, like more decoration and other blocks. I love building in this game and the variety that the modding community offers to make your buildings beautiful  and amazing.

4) How was your experience here on Project Zearth
So my experience here on Project Zearth has been totally amazing. I really love this community, working with other members, and being able to put my own ideas and constructions to the project. So yeah, my experience with the project has been great, I really feel like I’m contributing a lot to the team and it makes me really happy.

5) What are your plans for future minecrafting?
So I don’t have any future plans specifically for minecraft, I just want to stick with the project until I think I’m done, but knowing that I can take some breaks and then come back to the server and start building again makes me want to stay more in the project. So I will just stick with casual Minecraft with my friends and build this project with the team.

6) When did you start playing minecraft
If I recall correctly, it was in 2011 with the pocket edition on an ipod of a friend at school and then I started playing in the 1.2.5 after watching a Spanish youtuber play Minecraft with mods.

7) Whats your favorite thing done on the Project?
Without any doubt, my favourite thing that I have done or I’m currently doing on this project is to work on everything that is police related, like the police system in Santoria. I was able to make lore, to build police stations, to have the opportunity to work on the main buildings of the police and bla bla. Is just something that I love and I’m really passionate about and is something that I want to do in the future, so being able to work on that has been amazing. 

The other two things that I really need to mention is doing regular decoration tasks, I just really like to complete these tasks, and the last thing is the opportunity to build an entire town, is just something that I never thought of when joining the team.

Thank you Sir Palo!

If you want to join the team just like Sir Palo did, you can join us here!

Also download the map today!


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