My early beginning on the Project Zearth team

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Hello folks, it’s ColorMaestro here.

Today we go back in time and remind a couple of buildings I built as first when I joined Project Zearth. The first 2 buildings are a shop Mr. Color – Master of Fashion and South Peek Residence. I remember as Xoyjaz took down the former buildings and prepared empty space for me. With the instructions given I started to build the shop. I was taking care about every single step and had lots of questions relating to the build style, if it’s okay to do this and that. After around an hour I was finished with one building. Then Xoyjaz review my work and provided valuable feedback, so I knew what I could do better and so on. Another day, South Peek Residence arisen. It had much smaller interior so it was easier to furnish this one.

After a long time I think these two buildings are still really nice and have well furnished interior. Enjoy the photos!

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