May building contest winner!

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Goldminer Emerges Victorious in May Building Contest with Folding Halls

In a recent building contest held in the month of May, Goldminer, a skilled architect and designer, emerged as the well-deserved winner with his innovative creation of folding halls. The lore:

A powerful archmage from Nova, and the only mage in the world, Adus Olrostrum was a young man when he discovered magics that no one had ever thought of, as he experimented with arcane tech that literally no one could figure out how to replicate, and he became more and more reclusive as people begged him for knowledge, until he created The Immortal Font of Knowledge, an interdimensional manor utilizing his new gateway tech to move between rooms. He eventually started seeking immortality, he created golems, enchanted items, potions, he eventually started to mess with the very soul in his body. He was never seen again.

We also want to thank Petik and Peiceawrk for their contribution and amazing submissions!

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