Welcome to our new partner map: Snow city!

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Partner portal happily presents our newest project partner!

Snow City, a Minecraft project by Peiceawrk, is taking the virtual world by storm. Built over the course of several years, this sprawling solo city is a testament to dedication, creativity, and attention to detail. With its diverse districts and immersive atmosphere, Snow City offers players a unique and captivating Minecraft experience.

Inspired by real-world cities, Peiceawrk embarked on this ambitious endeavor in 2013. Since then, Snow City has grown into a vast metropolis, boasting hundreds of meticulously crafted buildings and countless small details. While the city is not yet complete, there is already plenty to explore and admire.

We thank Peiceawrk for his dedication and being part of our amazing communtiy, welcome to the Zearth family! You can find our partner portal maps here!

You can download the map by clicking this link.