New cities join the party!

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Project Zearth is proud to announce three new embassies that will expand its global reach and impact.

First we have Snow City Embassy located in Bolliovard district, Premium City by Peicewark.

The Neon region was also able to successfully establish a relationship with Oblivion city! The new embassy is located in West district, Premium City by O_DARKFADE_15.

Neon has peacefully kept order around its regions which lately includes a cooperation with WhiteBridge city, which has its embassy located in Kings district, Premium City by MrOceanSide.

Check out all our partner maps here!

These embassies will serve as hubs for collaboration, networking, and impactful projects. By bringing together all these new projects, Project Zearth aims to address the global building community and create a better future for all. We recognize these city projects as part of the Project Zearth universe.

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