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Welcome back to our Tall Building Tutorial! In this article, we’ll explore the unique and captivating style of Brovillian architecture, a delightful mix of modern and medieval elements in Minecraft. With its distinctiveness and beauty, Brovillian buildings are perfect for those seeking a standout look in their creations. Let’s dive into the process of designing a stunning Brovillian-style building and discover valuable tips to enhance your building skills. Preview the steps here:

  1. Create a Layout/Plot for Your Building
    Choose a location in your Minecraft world and envision the size and shape of your Tall Brovillian building. Consider its purpose, such as apartments, hotels, or offices, and plan accordingly.
  2. Fill out the Bottom Details/Empty Spots
    Add depth and charm by incorporating small gardens, fountains, or decorative elements around the base of your building. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity shine.
  3. Shape the 1st Floor Differently
    Give your building dimension by shaping the 1st floor uniquely. Use arches or decorative elements to set it apart from the rest.
  4. Create the 2nd Floor Layout
    Design the 2nd floor as the blueprint for most of the other floors, especially if it’s an office building like the Blue Corp. HQ in Zeon City (Project Zearth).
  5. Finish the 1st Floor Interior
    Furnish and detail the 1st floor to create a professional ambiance that aligns with the Brovillian style.
  6. Furnish the 2nd Floor and Beyond
    Customize each floor while maintaining a similar layout for efficiency. Add variations, colors, and unique touches to make each floor special.
  7. Utilize Copy and Paste Techniques
    Save time by copying and pasting the 2nd-floor design to other levels using tools like MCedit or World Edit.
  8. Finalize the Roof and Add Last Details
    Perfect the roof design and add final details, such as decorative features and unique accents, to elevate your tall building.

Tips for Enhanced Building

Embrace Dynamical Approach
Experiment with cutting edges to add diversity and a more dynamic appearance.

Hone Your Building Skills
Seek inspiration from building maps, blogs, and resources like the “Block City” book to become an expert builder.

Add Small Details
Incorporate intricate elements within floors, modify office interiors, and arrange rooms creatively for a captivating experience.

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