How to build a city – PZ edition

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Before delving into this comprehensive tutorial, take a moment to introspect. What is your goal? How much passion do you have for this endeavor? This guide is tailored for those who are deeply committed and interested, particularly those engaged in single-player mode. If your enthusiasm remains undiminished, then read on.
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Through this tutorial, you’ll gain the tools to embark on a meticulously planned, long-term city project. Here, we present the five pivotal steps that underpinned my city-building ventures.

Step 1: The Foundation – What You Need
To embark on this journey, you must arm yourself with unwavering motivation and a wellspring of inspiration. Motivation is transient, but igniting your efforts with an unwavering 100% is the initial catalyst. Cultivate your inspiration; visualize the city you aspire to create. While there are countless city maps published, leverage them not just for their aesthetic allure, but also as wellsprings of creative stimulus. Remember, those awe-inspiring projects you admire took time to evolve. Establish your goal and cherish the time invested in its realization.

Step 2: Blueprint for Success – Planning
Undoubtedly, the most pivotal phase of your endeavor is the planning stage. Investing early in this process reaps substantial dividends in time and energy conservation.

A well-crafted plan acts as your guiding compass, navigating you through every facet of your undertaking. Without a roadmap, you’re adrift in a sea of uncertainty. When formulating your project plan, anticipate the quantum of effort and time you’ll commit. Sketch a blueprint of your city, jotting down buildings and designs to be implemented. Contemplate the city’s composition – what elements will it comprise? How intricate will its detailing be? Allocate thought to the extent of your furnishings, distinguishing between essentials and ancillary structures. Here is a quick example:

This is a early layout of Prixton City for v.15Minecraft city tutorial (500 sub special)

Consider the following:

  • Layout Design: A schematic representation of your city, allocating roles to distinct areas.
  • Building Specifications: Where and how each structure will be erected.
  • Time Allocation: Estimated time for each build.
  • Build Priority: Establish the sequence of build execution.
  • Progress Tracking: Maintain a log of the advancement in each structure.
  • The depth of planning propels your project’s success and empowers your creative journey.

Step 3: Shaping the Dream – Building
Though your plan provides direction, creativity flourishes through experimentation and refinement. The essence of creation lies in improvisation and the lessons gleaned from failures, which serve as stepping stones to mastery. Building isn’t a spontaneous act; your plan reigns as a steadfast ally, ensuring continuity and coherence.

Every individual possesses building acumen, honed through practice. City construction fosters evolution in your architectural style. Blend various styles judiciously for harmony. Pairing medieval and modern elements demands careful consideration. Skill and dedication shape your city’s aesthetic; proficiency isn’t a prerequisite for crafting a splendid cityscape. It’s the dedication invested that infuses life into your creation. Revel in your craft, eschew haste for your own satisfaction. Enthusiasm births motivation and paves the way for further accomplishments. Remember, expansion is an avenue for future enhancement; novelty thrives on revitalization.

As for the more advanced builders, make sure to give it your 70%. You don’t need to go all inn. City building might get boring, so save your energy. A city is not like any other project. You are creating many builds and shaping a huge landscape.

Step 4: In the Crucible – Under Construction
As time elapses, your nascent city matures. This phase encompasses both the best and most trying moments. External distractions may surface, but remain steadfast; this undertaking is a testament to your diligence. If your adherence to earlier steps is unwavering, your path is charted, and steadfastness is your compass.

While ennui might encroach, diversify your activities without forsaking your city. Return reinvigorated, armed with renewed zeal to tackle tasks.

Step 5: The Finale – Finishing Touches
Closing season heralds the culmination of your endeavor. Gaze upon your opus, noting its transformation. Peruse your project, addressing lingering minutiae and reimagining select structures. As the crescendo approaches, you have options: share your creation online, collaborate with others, or reap the rewards solo.

Embrace teamwork if feasible, for collective effort spurs novel dynamics. The process of collaboration unveils new perspectives.

This tutorial equips aspiring builders with quintessential insights. As you embark on this creative odyssey, remember, each empty land’s initiation is unique. My preferred sequence includes landscape plotting and preliminary detailing, followed by focused building. This sequential approach fosters a well-rounded outcome.


Plotting the Landscape
Start by charting roads, interconnecting districts. Designate areas for downtown, harbor, upscale residences, and more. Establish road standards, differentiating between main thoroughfares and connectors. Intersperse parks and distinctive structures to enhance visual diversity.

Last Details and Commencement
Finalize plot details and introduce minute elements such as benches. Channel your architectural prowess, finetuning plots and propelling construction.

Success hinges on patience and pacing. Building is a gradual process, evolving from tentative beginnings to remarkable finales. The key is resilience – trust the process, embrace uncertainty, and craft your masterpiece one block at a time.

Here is also a list of what you should include in your city:
Financial district, historical district, suburbs, hospital, police station, fire station, town hall, park, transportation system (rail ways), schools, middle class district, harbor, industrial district, sewer system etc.
Here is a list of cities that resembles my Brovillian building style. Have a look:
1) Broville
2) Redlight city
3) Vertoak city
4) Hoville
5) Reline city
6) City of Newisle

You don’t need to be the best builder in the world to make a good city. Its your dedication on how much time you will use that really makes the true difference. Be the first one to enjoy your craft and do not rush anything for anyone else. To enjoy your own craft is what matters, and with that comes motivation to create more. More is always good, a big city will become handy in the future. Don’t be stuck with the same builds when you can just expand your city. You can always come back to renovate your builds, don’t worry.

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